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Surprisingly, The World Doesn’t Revolve Around Them

When my son was born, we spent fifty bucks on 25 pretty baby announcements. We sent them out to our friends and family. We got a call from our in-laws asking why their friends didn’t get one. We could only buy them in 25/$50 increments. We had to narrow it down to the 25 most important people. My husband explained that we didn’t have a hundred dollars to spend on baby announcements. Even if we did we don’t know fifty people that we could send the announcements to. FIL said that it was just another fifty bucks, big deal. Maybe not for him but it was for us since we are such a young family.

We told them that baby announcements are meant for the new parent’s friends and family. There is a reason they make grandchild announcements. They were insulted by this and just didn’t get that we didn’t feel obligated to send expensive announcements to people I have never met and that my husband doesn’t even talk to. Sadly, because this is our standard of sending out baby announcements, they most likely will not be getting one for our new baby.


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  1. How rude of them! Sounds like someone i know… Love the blog.


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