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White Elephant or Braying Jack-Ass?

Last year we went out to dinner with the inlaws and my FIL and I were talking politics (I know, a no-no). He asked what I thought about those who may run for president and I told him that Hillary Clinton was overshadowed by her husband’s misdoings in the Oval Office.

My FIL then said to me that my morals must be screwed up to which I said that my morals were just fine and matched those of the rest of the nation’s in that the former president Clinton had cheated on his wife and that is just not a good thing.

He shook his head in disgust and told me I didn’t know what I was talking about. My husband only told his father to get off his soap box and the subject was changed. I wanted to get up and leave the restaurant but I was boxed in on the inside of a booth.


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  1. I understand. My inlaws and I are both conservative, but my inlaws are extreme. When they talk, I actually get embarrassed for them. I find myself saying things just to piss them off even if I don’t really believe them!


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