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It Was an Honest Accident!

My Son-in-Law rode his bike over 120 miles to raise money for the Homeless with a group from a local radio station, leading one of the teams. 

His mother called him on Saturday morning around 10 a.m to see what time and where the festivities start that evening to celebrate the completion.  He is on his bike having logged 60 miles the day before and has about 10 miles of a 60 mile ride for the 2nd day in a roll under his belt when she calls. His answer was, “Mom, call my wife’s cell phone, she can give you the details – I am on the road and cannot access the computer or the print out in my saddle bag to give you this information.” 

Daughter and I decide to take the kids to the local Outlet Mall for shopping that is ½ way to the finish line – leaving around Noon. Just as we get to the outlet mall after 1 we discover she forgot her cell phone at the house, we call and leave a message on the Son-in-Law’s phone so he knows to call my cell when he is just over an hour from the finish so we can be there to cheer him on!

My daughter, all 4 kids, and I are there to cheer for his group (#4 of 6) – we visit for a while waiting on the other two groups to arrive.  My Daughter’s MIL calls her son’s cell stating she is just driving around this town (not a small town…) hoping to find where we are at.  My son-in-law tells her exactly where we are, she asks for directions to get there so he asks me and I give him the directions that we got off google – the problem is that we got the directions to come from the outlet mall – which is North of where she is…….not that we know where she is other than driving around this town looking for us.  She calls back 3 times because she cannot find us.  She finally arrives after the presentation when the whole group is going to get pictures made.  Guess who she blames for “Ruining her Day so badly she could cry”  – my daughter……because among gathering up the stuff needed to haul a 3 month old and 3 big brothers to a day of shopping and an evening of festivities forgot her cell phone. 

After laying as much GUILT as she possibly could on her DIL at the program, she leaves – which should be the end of it but oh NO……….  my Son-in-Law receives a phone call from his father late that night about how the “Problems between the MIL and his wife have become so BIG that the DIL left her phone at home so she couldn’t reach her, leaving the MIL to drag her 89 year old father all over a strange town trying to find where his Grandson is being rewarded!”   

Then he threw in for good measures that the “DIL was withholding the grandbabies from her because she dislikes her so much”……….not once – NOT EVER! – has my Daughter refused her access to the kids, nor did my Daughter even know that her husband had told her MIL to call her for directions until the MIL arrived at the program. 

Now details are: 

  • MIL – did not call daughter for over 2 hours after she had talked to her son – if she had she would have reached her before she forgot the phone.
  • Son-in-Law – did not know when he found out that his wife had forgotten her phone that his mother had not called in the two hour window.
  • Daughter – did not know her MIL was even planning on coming, or that she didn’t have directions and had HONESTLY JUST FORGOTTEN HER PHONE!

Now to me this says NO ONE is to blame ….it just happened.  I am so mad I could spit nails at my son-in-law’s mom for making my daughter cry both at the ceremonies and later that night after her father-in-law had called.  My son-in-law will handle it – I have no doubt, but I hate that she has twisted another thing to make it all my DAUGHTER’s fault!


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