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The Only Person That Grossed Me Out Was Her

While at a mall with my MIL, we walked passed a group of kids that had deformities. One boy had something wrong with his eye that made it look like it was bulging out. He was clearly self-conscious by the way he walked with his head down and his hand trying to cover his face. I noticed the boy but kept on walking. My MIL who was walking in front of me turned back to me and made this horrible grossed out groaning sound. I know that boy heard it. She was loud.

I was mortified for that boy and for myself because it looked as if I had chosen to be around a person so cruel. She looked at me after her hideous groan as if I needed to validate it. I ignored her and started up a conversation with my husband. I really hope none of her grandchildren have any physical deformities. It’s clear she wouldn’t be able to handle it or love them the way a grandchild should be loved.


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