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The Dirty Shoe is On The Other Foot

My MIL has been driving me crazy since I first married her son almost 10 years ago. We were very young and had a baby right away. I was still in college and can admit now that I was not the best housekeeper, but under the circumstances I think I did a pretty good job.

One day her and her now ex-husband (the man finally got away!) came to see us and my daughter. I had been especially diligent in my cleaning knowing that she was coming over and when she walked through the kitchen she wiped her finger along the counter to check for dirt. I was appalled and lost tons of respect for her at that very moment.

Fast forward to after her husband leaves her she moves to the same city which my husband and I now live in. She refuses to work and really would rather have somebody do everything for her.  She has turned into quite a recluse and rarely does any cleaning to her little 1 bedroom apartment. 

She was recently in the hospital for a “fall” and the husband and I went to her apartment to clean the MOLD OFF THE DISHES in her kitchen. My dishes may lay in the sink overnight, but at least they don’t lay there long enough to grow mold! I wonder who the “dirty” one is now?


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  1. At least you got the vindication. Shame about the “fall”. Quotation marks and all.

  2. Well it sounds like she was a total pain before. But if she was such a neat freak before and is now living in squalor she may have some pretty serious mental health issues. It sounds like she may be depressed.

  3. I’m sure her swiping that finger across that counter is burned into your memory forever. I think the only thing keeping me from yapping at my husband about the constant nagging from his mother is our two sons… what if I’m so crazy about my son’s life…. that I end up finger swiper too?!?! No Way… … …You do have a great oppertunity now, maybe to kind of be a hero, maybe help her out a little. You never know what kind of secret feelings she may confide in you. She may have been dealing with some powerfull emotions of her own when she did that forbidden clean finger check.


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