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We are planning our wedding, which is in 7 months.  When we first got engaged, MIL-to-be (FIL not on the scene, MIL has a new partner) didn’t offer any financial help – that’s fine, we don’t expect any.  But as we started to budget, DH asked her over lunch if she would like to contribute in any way.  She asked to look at our budget, and complained, “Why are you getting a new suit for your wedding?!  You should just hire one!  What a waste of money!”.  She then took the budget home, and got on the phone to EVERY one of his family members, and took them through it, item by item, without our permission, and basically just complained about how much we are spending (total wedding LESS than $35k).

Might I add that she has mentioned to us that she is getting TWO new outfits MADE for her to wear to our wedding…  And she thinks the Groom shouldn’t buy a new suit?!


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  1. Well, that was certainly rude of her, but even if you said less then 25K, that is still one hell of a bill to pay. Still your money, right?

  2. My MIL complained about our wedding and she planned our wedding. You can never win.

  3. 35K is a helluva lot of money to blow on one day..I’d think you were nuts too.

    ** Edit by The Sane In-Law: Remember the preference here at MILDEW is to have supportive comments. If the author of this post wanted to spend $350 or $350,000 on her wedding day, so be it. It was not the MIL’s place to blab it about town. **

  4. It’s your money , your business! How insane! I’m sure you were just trying to avoid the “you never include me ” FMIL backlash!!! Hang in there honey!


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