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Feed the Children

We went to visit our IL’s. They offered to watch the children while we went out to dinner and a movie. When we got home and were putting our children to bed, our daughter looks at us and says, “We didn’t eat dinner.”

“What?” I replied in horror, wondering how someone could forget to feed their grandchildren?

“Well, they weren’t hungry for dinner so they didn’t make any for us either

“WHAT?” That is me again, still stunned, and trying to grasp the concept of not feeding children in your care.

“I just got some chips and some crackers from the pantry and I helped younger brother get some snacks out of there too.”

At this point I am so angry that I have lost all ability to form full sentences. Thankfully DH was there and his words were flowing just fine. Their defense was that they had eaten a big lunch and weren’t really hungry, and they let the kids snack on chips and pretzels and cookies so they weren’t hungry either. Oh, and they had given our son a big cup of chocolate milk. Yeah that makes it all better. How did these people manage to raise two children? And do they really expect us to be comfortable with them watching the children?


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  1. dilinwisconsin

    oooh…that is kind of a crappy thing to do. I would have felt like slapping her. Unless there is a reason (like you are taking them to someplace where you are going to eat a meal soon, etc.) then there is no reason not to feed them things other than snacks! how craptastic!!


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