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My IL’s live in a house that’s way beyond their means, but they would rather keep up appearances than have a retirement account which, until they need to go into a home, is really not my problem.

They have 3 spare bedrooms for guests. In theory, this is nice because BIL and his wife can stay at the house while our family of 4 also stays there at times such as Christmas. However, they only have two beds. They have flat panel televisions in rooms they never go in, but somehow have never gotten around to having a bed for their grandchildren. Fine, we can fit our queen sized air mattress into our already full trunk so that we can all be together for the holidays.

Then I find out that although they have a queen-sized bed in their guest room, they only have one set of sheets and would I mind bringing sheets as well? Before the car was fully packed we were bringing not only our own bed and sheets, but also the pillows, blanket, and a comforter so the kids would not freeze to death in the house my MIL insists on keeping 62 degrees year round. Just one more way the MIL makes me fell welcomed in her home.


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