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The MIL of the MIL

My MIL and her MIL do not get along, which I must admit, I get a kick out of. The GMIL adores me. This year my FIL wanted to have his family over for New Years Day. My MIL did not like this idea, so she threw a passive aggressive fit. She refused to make any food, or even clean the house. In fact, she made it very clear that she would not be doing anything that involved her getting out of bed before the party and anything but sitting on the couch watching football on the day of the party.

My SIL and I (neither of whom are her daughters) cleaned all of the rooms involved in the party. I cooked a few things for everyone to eat and called the aunts to make sure they were covering the rest of the food and drinks. MIL was not aware of what we were doing because she did not emerge from her bedroom until mere minutes before the guests arrived. She was clearly disappointed that we had pulled the party together. I know she was trying to get it canceled. I don’t think I have ever seen a woman of her age sulk the way she did that day.

The best part is that everyone had a great time. Everyone except her, that is. And in case you are thinking she got us to clean her house for her, we didn’t lift a finger after the party, and the house was a much bigger mess then. The really sad part is, we would have gladly helped her before and after the party if she hadn’t been such a brat about the whole thing.


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  1. hee hee hee

    I wish my MIL had a MIL!!!!

    Nice work.

  2. That was awesome………..My MIL loves my DIL – and once said to me, that I didn’t know how lucky I am to have such a great DIL, she should know she struck out 3 times (she only has 3 sons and each of them have only been married once- so that statement covered all 3 of us…) I just looked at the sister-in-law that was there with me and said “I guess she forgot who she’s talking to”.

    But I did learn from her and my mother how NOT to treat my DIL and Son-in-laws! When I start acting out – they call it “Going Nanny on us”


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