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Passed On Down The Line

I asked my MIL not to go overboard with the ‘new grandson’ stuff this xmas because one of her daughters has been TTC for two years and is infertile. That daughter told her mother that the cause was PCOS right after our conversation. This was part of her email response:

“I am so sure that X (DH’s great-grandmother) had PCOS. She had Y (DH’s grandmother) right after marriage when she was very young, but then no other children. She was obese, and her daughter (DH’s aunt) didn’t have children. My paternal grandma had 9 children, and my other grandma had 4. Of course, my mom had 6! Anyway, I am sad that this condition has been passed on. Maybe the grandkids will be boys, and the problem can be stopped! (I don’t know if males can carry a gene for it??)”

Um, your son and your three daughters are all infertile. So if you’re saying it wasn’t you who passed it on (heard that loud and clear), then I guess it was your DH. Did you even read this before you hit send?

Oh, I forgot. We’re “fertile” now, because we have a kid. I forgot that’s how you understand the  situation.

So I guess your email was to make sure I knew that SIL’s PCOS wasn’t your fault. Hey, it’s not all about you, and it’s nobody’s fault.


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  1. Nice! Your poor SIL. Infertility sucks as it is without your own mother being a dumb ass.

  2. As someone with PCOS currently pregnant with my first baby after 2 years of ttc and a m/c I say PHOOEY on your MIL. Jeez, what a piece of work!


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