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Steer Clear of SIL!

My Fiance and I are getting married in Maui in September. When we first announced that we were doing a destination wedding on 2 possible dates, Fiance’s SIL (she is married to my Fiance’s brother) immediately asked us to steer clear of one of those dates because they won’t be able to attend because they will be partying at the River. Ohhh…. Okay. Your plan to get drunk a year in advance is more important than a family member getting married. You goon!

After Fiance and I settled on the OTHER date so it doesn’t interrupt THEIR plans, SIL asked if it was ok to bring her mother since she is afraid of flying and would need to moral support. Hmmm…I thought that’s what HUSBANDS are for.

Note to self: My future sis in law is a selfish and inconsiderate person.


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  1. MotherHubbard

    WOW – ummm could you also make sure you check her calendar prior to having children because their birthdays might fall at an inconvient time for her………

    Poor Brother-in-Law!

  2. wow, how rude of her!

  3. Most are.

  4. My mother-in-law did something similar when we told her about the date we had set for wedding. Instead of being happy for us when we announced our engagement and the date of our wedding all she could do was complain about how inconvenient that date was for her. We refused to change the date and of course she came, but it was a lot of drama and tears and tantrums on her part in the meantime.

  5. dilinwisconsin

    that is so frustrating. I hate it when Inlaws think the world revolves around their schedule!


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