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What’s Worse Than A MIL? An OCD MIL!

The first time I went over to MIL house she made me soak my feet in a mixture of bleach, soap and water. After I soaked my feet I had to stand in bucked in their house and put on a pair of their socks. When I got into the house to sit down for dinner there were towels on the chairs, I thought we used them for napkins so I put them on my lap. She stared at me weird and told me I was supposed to sit on them.
While we ate I was not allowed to pour my own ketchup or water. She had to do it for me. I could not even serve myself my own food. We used plastic plates, forks and spoons. After dinner I had to use the restroom and she had to clean it afterwards.
I had to make up an excuse to leave early because she was giving me an anxiety attack. I later realized she is a scared of germs and has OCD to the max. Either way I cannot stand her and I think she’s a controlling bitch. By the way, I’ve known them for six years and I’ve only been in their house six times!

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  1. It must be terrible for her to have to live like that. I can certainly see why you limit your visits with them though!


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