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Built In Maid

Being the independent girl that I am, I wish my Mom taught me how to co-exist (harmoniously) with other people under one roof.

I’ve been living with my in-laws for almost 3 years already. A couple of months ago, MIL and I got into a fight. She was ordering me to do something and I just snapped! What made me snapped was the fact that she constantly “Pssst!” at me and not call on my name when she wants me to do something. Hello! I have a name. She ranted about my rude behavior and my laziness doing household chores.

Is it a requirement to do household chores if you’re living with your in-laws? See, I’m your son’s wife, not an instant maid!


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  1. The Sane In-Law

    I’d say it’s time to tell your husband to find a place to call your own before you shove the toilet brush somewhere “unpleasant”.

  2. dilinwisconsin

    She sounds very rude 😦 I can totally understand why you would have snapped!

  3. The “psst” thing totally made me laugh! My FIL is hard of hearing so when he wants your attention he loudly says, “enh” and slaps your arm. Once we took a 2 hour driving trip with them and by the time we got to our destination I had a bruise on my arm. I wanted to scream, “I CAN HEAR YOU! STOP HITTING ME!”

    You deserve an award! Three years? I can barely stand one weekend!

  4. I would have to agree with sane-in-law about getting your own place. But that is saying that w/o knowing why you are there in the first place. I lived with mine for 9 months and my DH would have stayed if I did not find our family a new place and signed a lease. It was the best thing we ever did. You hopefully will be able to handle her more when you are moved out. Good Luck

  5. how about getting your own place?

    wouldn’t that be nice?

  6. If you are living there rent free – or even for a small amount, then yes, it is your responsibility to contribute to the household like everyone else. Obviously picking up after yourselves is standard, but helping with the other household maintenance chores would be expected as well. It isn’t unreasonable of her to expect you to do so.

    Three years is an awfully long time – time enough to get your own place.

  7. MotherHubbard

    Okay as the Mother – I do not think I ever went 3 years without some kind of heated exchange with the others living in my house, so why would a MIL and DIL relationship be different? The maker or breaker of such an exchange is the apology afterwards…and a true look at the truth of what was said.

    To answer you question at the end – YES when you live with someone Chores are a requirement…….she is not your maid either. Now having said that Does she work around the house or is she expecting you to do it all? If it is the latter then I totally agree with the “I am not your maid part”

  8. I don’t think you can call yourself “independent” if you have been living with your IL’s for 3 years…

  9. i’m indepenent because i lived alone on my apartment for five years before i got married to my husband.. i’m proud to say that i can clean up my own mess, wash and iron my clothes, wash the dishes, clean the house, etc.. what irked me most was the reason that my MIL have 2 sons and a daughter in that same house.. can’t she ask them to do some of those chores? her “babies” always turned a deaf ear on her everytime she asks them to do some chores.. so i was the one who’ll always do it..

    on having our own place.. well, my husband is yet to graduate this year.. i was the only one working with a baby to feed.. now do the math and you can see that i can’t afford it..


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