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The Weekend They Became The In-Laws: Part 1 of 2 – The Rehearsal

During our entire engagement, my fiance’s family continually let us down at every opportunity.  I should have seen the disaster coming when it was 3 months before the wedding, and nothing regarding the rehearsal dinner had been taken care of, even though my Future MIL was adamant that I have nothing to do with the planning of that event. 

Fast forward to the wedding weekend… my maid of honor and my wedding coordinator completely took over the rehearsal dinner and planned it down to every detail. The only thing Future MIL was responsible for was bringing the centerpieces. They waited for her to show up at the venue that afternoon… and she never arrived. They tried calling her, and she never answered her phone or returned her messages. In fact, the family didn’t even show up at the rehearsal! EVER! We tried waiting around for them, but they just flat out didn’t show up. 

When we left the rehearsal and arrived to the dinner, they weren’t there either. And they were supposedly  the hosts!  When they finally did arrive 45 minutes late, there was no apology – in fact, they didn’t even say hello to me or any of my family.  They just sat with their people and acted rude. To make up for their rudeness, my fiance and I played host and hostess all night.  However, Future FIL made a huge deal about the fact that they paid for the dinner, and even complained about what he said was slow service. (I’m sure whatever he was waiting for didn’t take near as long as we waited for him to freaking show up, and every single other guest absolutely raved about the service. Thanks for pissing off the people who were catering the wedding the following night, asshole!) 

Then I see Future MIL stand at the front of the room and call out members of the family for a huge family picture… but she definitely left me out. Yep, I feel totally welcomed into the family now!


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  1. That’s sort of like my in laws… except they never showed up to the rehearsal or the dinner and didn’t pay for anything. The rest, including the photos, is dead on.

  2. what does your husband think of this? and what does he do when this happens??


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