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The Weekend They Became The In-Laws: Part 2 of 2 – The Wedding

The day of the wedding: I just attempted to stay as far away from the in-laws as possible.  I told the officiant, photographer, and wedding planner that we would start the wedding ON TIME, regardless of who wasn’t there.  If the MIL didn’t show up on time, fine by me.  They actually showed up on time to this event, but I almost wish they hadn’t. They sat outside the church until it was time for the ceremony, complaining to our other guests about certain choices my fiance and I had made during the wedding planning process.  They even complained to my parents about the location we chose for the ceremony!  My SILs were supposed to hand out programs, but they didn’t want to go inside and leave their griping parents, so my quick-thinking maid of honor had some of the children take over that job.  Later, the SILs had the nerve to complain to my now-husband that they had their job taken away from them and how unfair it was.

Finally, the ceremony begins, and everyone is seated.  I finally have the emotional walk down the aisle that I’ve always dreamed of.  My father and I join my fiance at the altar, and the preacher begins the service.  And then… MIL’s cell phone rings.  For everyone to hear.  During the wedding ceremony.  Are you %$#&ing serious?!?!?!?!  Is there not one part of this wedding that these people don’t screw up?  The best part of this is that the wedding video totally captures my pissed-off face while her phone is ringing.

After the wedding, we begin taking formal pictures. My in-laws could not have been frostier to me, and I resolved to stay the hell away from them for the rest of the night – not an easy feat, considering that we had fewer than 100 guests. But thanks to some good friends and their interference, I was able to keep my distance all night – for the most part. Of course, now I see that there are tons of “group family photos” that don’t include me from the reception, but that’s fine with me. I don’t want to be associated with those jerks, anyway.

I’ve tried to look on the bright side, and I think I found the silver lining on this cloud. None of my family or friends will ever try to defend my sucky in-laws again after seeing first-hand how selfish they are. It makes me sick that they embarrassed their son on his wedding day, and they don’t even realize it, nor would they care. They did absolutely nothing to make me feel welcomed into the family; in fact, their actions only alienated me further. In all other areas, my wedding day was the most amazing day of my life, but their behavior has left a bitter taste in my mouth that will take quite a bit of time to get rid of. Welcome to the family, indeed.


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  1. Oh my! I said it on Part One and I’ll say it on part Two– are you me????! Don’t feel alone. My wedding experience was near identical!

  2. Hey just remember – The wedding is only the ceremony!!! Yes I know its suppose to be perfect but screw them. They may have screwed up the wedding but they can kiss your butt because in spite of them you are still married and there is nothing they can do about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing…I thought I was alone on this island.

  4. wow, how does your husband feel about this? I currently am not speaking to my mother in law, FIL and SIL and I find it hard not to trash talk about them. I’ve been trying not to say hurtful things about them to my husband, do you tell these things to your husband? Or do you find it easier just to talk to your family about it?


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