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When Gramma Sinks to a New Low

I dropped off my husband and almost 5 year old little girl at MIL’s house so hubby could work on her car and I ran to do some shopping.

Came back to pick them up. Got little girl in the car. She had been in the house playing with MIL while hubby worked on the car.

Little girl starts crying and saying “I don’t like Gramma C no more she lies and lies are bad”. Hubby and I are both asking what happened. She says, “Gramma C says mommy is bad mommy and that is a lie”… little girl and I got dropped off at home while hubby got to go back and inform MIL she would no longer be alone with our kids.


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  1. That is horrible! It reminded me of when I was about 9 years old. I love my Grandma and she has been terrific to my entire familt including my mom, but one day she said something that really bugged me. She said it was too bad that my mom had to work and couldn’t stay at home with my brother and me, like my aunts did with my cousins. Even then it annoyed me because I knew if my mom could have stayed home she would have, but financially it wasn’t an option. It’s been 25 years and I still remember that conversation. All your MIL did was taint her own imagine in your daughter’s eyes. I’m so glad your husband set her straight!

  2. wow, that’s so low! what a b*tchy thing to do… using a child!

  3. That is horrific! What could you MIL possibly gain from telling a 5 year old that! I’m glad your hubby stuck up for you!
    My MIL does the same thing to my 8 year old stepdaughter.

  4. dilinwisconsin

    She had to know or at least wonder if that would get back to you…that is a terrible thing to do to your grandchild 😦 It is bad enough to be saying that stuff in the first place, but then to drag your daughter in to it? That is really low!

  5. Isn’t wonderful when the kids start talking and rat people out! It’s great that your daughter spoke up and even better that your husband acted on it.


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