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First Comes Love…

As soon as we were engaged my MIL began calling me to run errands for her.  The only reason she would call was for me to do something for her, and she completely stopped asking my husband to run errands for her.  When I complained about this, I was told that she just wanted to make me feel part of the family.  That was not exactly the part of the family that I wanted to have. 

The wedding planning was a joke, too.  She and my FIL had opinions about everything — I couldn’t have white tablecloths, I had to wear a veil, we had to use specific chairs, I had to use carnations (yes, carnations) as my centerpiece flower.  When I asked them at one point why they always directed their opinions about the wedding at me, I was told that my husband needed to focus on his work. Never mind that I have a successful career of my own.

Then Comes Marriage…(to be continued…)


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