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…Then Comes Marriage…

As soon as we got married I was told on several occasions that when I was at my MIL’s house she was on vacation.  This became very apparent when she invited us to spend 4th of July at her house.  She also invited two of her friends and their families.  When everyone arrived they all went for a boat ride while I was left behind to cook the meal (yes, for her friends).  When they returned, my babysitting services were offered. 

The next weekend we were invited back.  I was asked to plan the meals and send her the ingredients so that she could go shopping.  When I sent her the ingredients she asked my husband why I had done this (yes, we ended up having to do the shopping, too).  I made dinner Friday night but decided that I was not going to make dinner on Saturday night.  However, when she hadn’t started cooking by 10pm my hunger took over and I ended up cooking again.  At this point I decided that if we were going to visit her I would not take my personal vacation time to do it and we would eat out.  This seemed to work for a while.

…The Comes Daughter In-Law Pushing a Baby Carriage…(to be continued…)


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  1. Where was your husband during all of this?? Did he not see a problem with the situation? Wow, I can’t imagine being treated that way by so-called “family”.

  2. dilinwisconsin

    I would have just left and eaten myself and let them fend…I wouldn’t continue to cook for her – she wants to have people over, then it is her responsibility to provide the meals…it is ok for you to help, but not cook the whole meal. Shame on her!

  3. Does this mean I’m not the only DIL that packs food in their suitcase to visit the ILs?

  4. Please stop doing things for her! No one can take advantage of you without your permission. Stop allowing her to! If it’s not okay to let someone treat you this way, tell her in no uncertain terms. And tell your husband, too.

    Hang in there and good luck!!!


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