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Karma is Watching You, MIL

Last summer I left a knitting magazine at my in-laws. I asked if they could hang on to it till their visit to us or till our next visit. We had just moved the last of my husband’s stuff out of their garage (he has a huge collection of comics) and I thought asking them to hang onto one lousy magazine wouldn’t be a problem.

MIL said that FIL didn’t know what it was and almost threw it away, so she was too nervous to keep it around. Oh, and by the way, she was putting some clothes for my son into the suitcase they were bringing on their visit. Was there anything in particular that we needed? I asked if she could pack the magazine. No, she couldn’t. She mailed it (first class priority air postage = $18, magazine = $20).

Three months later she showed up with a very large suitcase full of clothes for my 10 month old son, for ages 1 year to 2 years and all seasons. While they were visiting us, a tree took out their entire garage.


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  1. Karma is justice without wittnesses. Gotta love that.

  2. i’m sorry. i’ve read this post over and over and i don’t understand why the MIL deserves to have her garage totaled.

  3. Scarlett, I’m with you. I don’t get it either.


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