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Help Me Laugh Because I Want to Cry…

Teaching my son Philosophy will turn him into an idle waster (SIL/FIL)

Investing money in shares for my child is either foolish (FIL) or prone to make him idle and lazy (MIL)

Moving out of their house will financially ruin us, since we are clearly not adult enough to budget wisely (FIL), and besides the house is ‘too large’ and ‘too expensive’ anyway (MIL)

If our only child (10 months) doesn’t sleep at night, it’s because we haven’t read the right baby sleep method book (SIL)

If a child has a temperature of 38.3degC (100.9F), he needs to be wrapped up warm so he doesn’t get cold (FIL/MIL)

You cannot resign from poorly paid/under-skilled jobs even if you have something else to go to because you have to be seen as a sticker (MIL)

Washing cannot be hung outside to dry for more than 24 hours (MIL)

What the other people in the village think is important, that’s why I have to shave everyday and our son has to go to Kindergarten in the clean, uncomfortable kindergarten and not the grubby, comfy one (MIL)

Having a 100Euro note in your wallet means you are showing off (MIL)

Parents who do not have a daily routine nailed down and set in concrete will produce wild children (SIL)

Reading books ‘isn’t so important’ (!) (FIL)

Bad things will happen to you if windows are not cleaned every week (MIL)

Taking a holiday is a ‘frivolous waste’ of money (FIL/MIL) – Hmmm…see why I need a break?


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  1. You ignore them, right? Just practice your responses: “Oh, I know.” “You’re right.” “Oh, sure… Okay.” It’s okay to practice in front of a mirror, too.

    Good luck!

  2. How have they survived this long in the world?


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