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He’s An Ass

I have never been a fan of my BIL. There are many reasons.  Like when my sister and him were dating and he stood her up on Christmas Eve.  He was supposed to come to my big family dinner at Grandma’s house but never showed.  When we called him he said he had wanted to wait until after Christmas but he had gotten back together with his ex so he just wasn’t showing up.

They have now been married for two years and my mother constantly sings his praises.  Every time I am around he shows his ass (figuratively).

On my last trip home to help my parents move, my sister got him to watch the kids on his day off so she could come over and help pack boxes, too.  When my sister returned home she found out that he had left the children home alone so he could go get tobacco from the store.  The kids are 10, 8, and a seven month old.  He claimed it was her fault because she had the car seat.


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  1. I suggest a call to child protective services for his next “Christmas Present”. What an ass!


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