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I could write a novel on how much my former brother-in-law sucks. To start with, he cheated on my still-struggling-with-cancer sister and then began divorce proceedings so he could marry his mistress.  During the divorce proceedings he secretly took my nephew to get tested to see if BIL really was his father.  Turns out he was not.  My sister was dating several people around the same time and I think, although do not know, she really believed nephew was his.  He then used that information against her in the bid for full custody of both children (despite the fact he never gave nephew his last name) indicating he didn’t want his daughter to be that kind of woman. Both my younger sister and my mother had children out of wedlock.  He didn’t want his daughter to be a 3rd generation unwed mother.  We won’t point out the hypocrisy that he thought the boy was his for years so clearly he was contributing to the unwed mother issue. 

The final indicator of his extreme level of suck, he was on vacation with the kids when my sister died.  My parents had been living in their house for the year before she died helping take care of her and the kids.  He had been living and working in another state.  He took the children back to his state and wrote up a notice to quit (eviction notice) giving my parents two hours to get out of the house that he then gave them immediately.  They had two hours to pack up everything they could of theirs, never mind actually picking up any mementos of their daughter. 

Oh wait, there was a further level of suck.  He told my niece who was maybe 11 at the time she had to choose between her mother’s dog (who was kind of old at that point) or her kitten to take with her back to his state.  She chose the kitten.  After he had the dog put down, he never went and got the kitten so friends of my sister’s who were picking up horses she bequeathed to them picked up the cat at the same time and took it to my parents.  My sister’s horses were all willed to other people and he tried to sell them before they could get them so he didn’t have to care for them until they arrived from the west coast.

He also booted my nephew, his step-son that he allegedly wanted, out two weeks after his high school graduation.  He didn’t know where to go so he too lives with my parents.  BIL had originally promised to pay for nephew’s schooling but after three years has only coughed up one semester’s worth making it impossible for him to go on any regular basis.


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  1. Nice Guy…..Wonder where I could get one lile that. I am into self abuse. Your poor neice.


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