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You Say MILDEW, and I say MILDUE

A little change to the blog has occurred, which you may or may not have even noticed if I hadn’t pointed them out. M.I.L.D.E.W. and it’s reference to Mothers-In-Law Do Everything Wrong (or is it Mother-in-LawS?). Instead, it is now M.I.L.D.U.E. – Most In-Laws Do Utterly Exasperate.

The reason for the change is two-fold:

1) On more than one occasion I’ve been asked if the stories have to be about the Mother-In-Law, to which the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT! While MILs are stereotyped as the devil-incarnates, it certainly is not the case for many of us, and certainly not in own marriage (OK, to cut some slack to my own in-laws, they sometimes are just plain WEIRD!).

2) There was a virtual pillow fight with a Liz Bluper and Renee Plastique, the authors of the book Mothers-In-Law Do Everything Wrong: M.I.L.D.E.W., and I have agreed that it was best to trade off to M.I.L.D.U.E. in exchange for some hair-braiding and boob-flashing (that IS  what happens during a pillow fight, right?). You can find more about the Liz and Renee at their site.

As always, any stories submitted via email ( are published anonymously and in the order received.


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  1. See I have been wondering about this one and I am wondering if they really came before the original MILDEW blog? I remember googling back when the original started and ours being the only thing that came up so I am wondering if the pillow fight was justified and if they should actually have been asking us permission to use the name. Hmm.. any way of finding out otherwise?! 😉

  2. The Sane In-Law

    My own informal legal team made up of DILs have found that their claim has validity; plus MILDUE works better for the purpose of this website.

  3. MILDEW, MILDUE, they all suck…not the blog, the in-laws. So glad you’re here! I’ll think and send in some more tales of terror!

  4. While there may have been some hair-braiding, Liz & I are happy to confirm that there was no boob-flashing (LOL!). Thanks for the props.

    When it comes to in-laws (any type), we feel your pain. You gotta laugh that MILDEW -or- MILDUE away! Here are two recent true stories we were told recently… thought The Sane In-Law and readers might appreciate, sympathize, etc.

    1. My MILDEW has neither met nor talked to my father—ever—yet she insists that he is homosexual because my husband doesn’t like him. —Donna

    2. We recently received a surprising response to one of our favorite MILDEW Quiz questions: Does MILDEW still buy your husband underwear? No, my MILDEW doesn’t buy the underwear. But I did finally get her to stop smuggling the underwear out of the house to take it home and wash it (no joke). —Alison


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