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WANTED: Good People to Adopt as In-Laws

I should run an ad in the local paper for a new set of inlaws.

Honestly, anyone would be better than the ones I have now.

I have been married 17 years to a wonderful man. He is my best friend. We never fight and agree on almost everything.

But we have drawn a line in the sand with his mother and stepdad.

This woman has known me since I was 5 years old. She knows my family. But insisted on calling me “that girl” the first 5 years her son and I were married. “are you bringing that girl  to dinner tonight?” What the hell?

Well, it gets better. She tells people I must have been pregnant before marriage because I was so sick all the time.

That may be because I was going through near renal failure and trying to hang on to my precious life.

We had our first child 3 years after marriage. yeah 3 years.

MIL would never help out with the baby or me after a 13 hour labor and c-section. No, she had to go to the grocery store or sit on her butt. So I never asked for anything from her after that first excuse. EVER!

My last 17 years with this woman has been hell. Between her treating my husband like trash because she hated his father (1st marriage) now she is doing it to our kids.

She has 4 grandchildren girls and 2 grandchildren boys.

I have one of each of those. We all live within a half a mile of each other and MIL lives 5 miles down the road.

Now fast forward to THIS year. My son’s birthday, she is at the local ballpark to see her #1 grandson playing ball and never calls or comes by to tell mine Happy Birthday, the entire time she is less than a mile away. Hurricane sends a tornado through our backyard. It was in the local paper which she has delivered daily and on the news. My daughter tries relentlessly to call and check on them (loving concern not reciprocated) and hears #1 grandson answer and get told “i told you not to answer that phone”. My daughter hung up angry as hell.

They eventually call weeks later to check on grandkids and claim they were coming this way to get fuel for generator the entire time and figured we must be okay. Figured?

Now today. My daughter’s birthday. They wait until late in the day to call and wish her happy birthday and tell her they can’t bring her present over today they will try and get it out here tomorrow. BUT THIS WOMAN MANAGED TO GO TO THE MALL ON BLACK FRIDAY WITH HER #1 GRANDKIDS! She doesn’t know I spotted her. I almost ran into her and recognized the back of her head. I made a uturn and got a friend to confirm identity and I went outside and waited in truck for friends. I didn’t want to make a scene at the store.

My husband and I are amazed that these people cannot only manage to make our lives HELL they are doing it to our kids. We have distanced our family from them. It hasn’t changed a thing.

My boss and his wife treat my children better than my inlaws do as they came to check on us after the hurricane. My inlaws waited 3 weeks.

I have always tried to be a good daughter in law but now I don’t care. The mayo in lasagna at Christmas, the names, the disrespect towards her child and grandkids and me is too much.

My son called her Miss ##### and I heard her say “what did you call me?”. Knowing that my son doesn’t curse I stood agape in the next room until I heard her demand to be called MawMaw ######, heck my son cannot remember her husband’s name. He says “that man that lives at daddy’s momma’s house.”

I am thankful for my dad and my husband’s dad for being good granddads and inlaws for my husband and me but this other set HAS TO GO.

I cannot take the mental abuse they are putting my kids and myself and husband through.

Wanted: New InLaws. For young family with 2 children.

Requirements: Knowledge of how to use phone to call on important dates. Ability to hug children and show affection.

Gifts are never required. Just Love. Applications being accepted immediately.

DIL in need of mental support, La.


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  1. That’s a great idea – I’m sure there are older couples who don’t have children or families but would sincerely appreciate them. My aunt’s family and ours have kind of adopted each other (our son has no aunts or uncle, and my cousins are happy to be this to our 2.5 year old). Maybe put the ad up at your nearby assisted living center? Or church? or YMCA? Hey, I’m just throwing ideas out there!

    Since your MIL is so toxic, is it possible to cut ties with them completely? I just feel terrible about the constant abuse; you know it will never change. I’m glad your dad and DH’s dad are good grandparents. What a shame that your MIL is so… ahem.

    Good luck, and let us know what happens!

  2. I would love to apply for the job. I live in NC, have 4 wonderful grandchildren and love my grandchildren more then life itself. I cannot imagine not spending time with each and every one of them.

    My X MIL was kind of the same though. It was more because my X was a middle child, so he was not the oldest (whom she adored) and not the yougest (who was a twin but the other died at birth so she hung onto this one for dear life (as she should have) but forgot about the other children in the process.) She did not call on birthdays and my husband had to remind her of the children’s birthdays.

    Good luck to you and yours and God Bless you all.


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