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My 7 month old daughter is teething big time. We do what we can to make her comfortable: teethers, cold wash rags, maybe even a bit of tylenol at night to help her sleep, but we try not to keep her doped up.

MIL was over to see the baby, and she asks, “Can’t you give her anything for that teething?” in a rather accusatory tone.

“We have some cold teethers…” I answered and started for the fridge.

“That’s not going to work. Give her some schnapps.”

“Um, we don’t have any.”

“Then you need to get some!”

I think we’ll stick to teethers and tylenol, but I didn’t bother telling her that.


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  1. Have you tried the Hyland’s Teething Tablets? It’s a homeopathic remedy near all the other teething gels and stuff. They worked for us.

  2. And that reminds me of my grandma offering my toddler some soda recently.

    “Grandma, she can’t have soda.”

    “But it’s diet!”

  3. dilinwisconsin

    I have heard good things about the teething tablets – there is another that comes in a liquid form, it may be by the same company, not sure; but they are also homeopathic.

    On another note, I probably would have told her “I don’t think so”, but then again, I am pregnant and don’t have much extra patience for my MIL…I am really not sure about how wise it is to be giving a 7 month old liquor…


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