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It’s me again, The Sane In-Law, asking for you to come forth with your in-law stories. I know you have them since there are plenty of hits here coming via such serch terms, “My MIL drives me crazy,” “My SIL is a bitch,” “My in-laws are sucking the life out of me,” (I paraphrase).

This poor little blog needs a little dusting. While at the beginning, it was one of the rising stars under wordpress…this blog? She now be fading away like those nasty plastic flowers you MIL glued to the TP cozy in the guest bathroom.

Take it as a challenge. Submit that story you just have to get off your chest about your MIL, FIL, SIL, BIL, etc. Don’t have one, then send out a call on your blogs to your readers. Send the stories to They’ll be published anonymously UNLESS you want me to give you (or if you have a blog) credit. Something new I’m going to try out.


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