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It’s been relatively quiet here on the homefront since my inlaws stopped talking to me in Aug 08. My husband’s maternal grandmother passed away in October 07. In her will she allotted $5,000 to hubby AND me, $3,000 for my husband’s daughter and my son, but not my daughter (which I completely understand). MIL is the executrix to the will.

In November 2007, we were having some $$ problems and FIL wrote my hubby a cheque for $5,000, and said “it’s a gift. We have given your brother so much, this is the least we can do for you.” We never asked them for a penny!

So now the probate is done, and we get an email from MIL saying that we HAVE TO sign over the money we inherited to them to pay back FIL!  We were going to take the money and put $3,000 away for my daughter and split the extra $2,000 into education funds for our 3 children.

I knew they were petty and immature, but this takes the cake!


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