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My In-Laws Are the Spawn of Satan: Chapter 1

My wife and I have been married 2 1/2 years and have a beautiful 2 month old baby and her parents and brother have done nothing but cause chaos, try to destroy our marriage, keep my wife crying by the things they say to her. I am convinced that they are 100% pure evil. The are the most self centered, crazy, disgusting people I have ever witnessed. They are the definition of a inner-meshed family.

The father is a 70 year old, washed up, real estate agent who has no spine and lets his sick, pathetic, control freak of a wife control. The MIL is BEYOND EVIL. She sits and smokes in bed with her husband who has heart surgery. She stays up for days making up insane scenarios in her head. She doesn’t eat and she has not seen a doctor in 5+ years. She is the most hateful person. She has a son from her 1st marriage who is a complete loser. You’re talking about a guy who is 41, has 2 kid,s a non working wife, 2 cars and has no job. He lives a lap of luxury life off the mother. They constantly buy him $5000 watches $7000 camera’s vacations, clothes, food, mortgage and car payments, but my wife asks for a loan of a few hundred bucks and Satan has risen from her grave.

The evil in laws liked me up until the day we got engaged and at that point everything changed. I guess you can say their true colors came out.

As with alot of people, my wife and I have had a rough couple of years financially to say the least. Her parents have helped us out, but it never comes from a place of giving to help their children. It comes with, pain, suffering, and strings attached. I have succumbed to the point of I’d rather be homeless then receive their help. They think I am trying to scam them for money, so I can live for free, but what they don’t understand is before I met them I was living just fine.

My wife’s wacko family is convinced that I am trying to steal their daughter and I have her under “my spell”. Her family has referred to her as a heroin addict and I am the heroin. They refer to me – their wife’s husband – as a “cancer”, “virus”, ” fat f**k” (I am overweight I can admit), “loser”, “scum bag”, and at one point her father has called me a “mother f*****g lying crook thief”. THIS COMES FROM A 70 YEAR OLD MAN!!!

These people do everything in their power to make out marriage and love for each other so filled with negative disgusting sludge, I am at a loss for words These people are full of pure hatred and evil, I do not claim that I am Mr-never-do-anything-wrong. I am guilty of making some band decisions, and I have apologized for them.

These sick people make things up and demand apologies. They say the most despicable things not only to their daughter’s husband but to their own daughter. I am so disturbed by these people I went through my wedding pictures on my computer and removed them from the pictures. The mere sight, sound, thought gives me the chills and creeps.

I am sure everyone has run into someone before where you just feel pure evil seeping from them and that is what I feel on a daily basis with them. I believe that my wife deep down knows how horrible they are but holds on to the hope that they will change. Where these people come from and the hatred they carry is not reversible in my opinion, but yet I am respectful when I am forced to see them and I am the fool who gives in. I have been trying to set a barrier around myself so they cannot continue to effect me in the negative way they have.

If you continue to read below [editor’s note: next several chapters], I am going to include some emails they have been written to my wife between each other and to me. I know people have crappy in laws, but I want to show that when it comes to evil, disgusting, pathetic in laws and their immediate family, I win and it’s not a “good win”.


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  1. Is it sad to admit it’s a bit refreshing to see a guy admit his wife’s family is just as insane? Too often we get told we’re just jealous of our MILs b/c they’re in their son’s lives. It’s nice to know ILs are evil – no matter which side of the gender bridge we’re on 🙂

  2. I actually think you have a responsibility to keep your baby away from these people if they are as you describe. Especially if they have no problem insulting you, cursing at you, making up stories about you, etc., which your child is likely to hear and be exposed to.

    You need to protect your chidl from these people. And this means your wife has a tough decision to make: you and her child OR her toxic family. Because they are NOT going to change no matter how much she wishes it so. Insist that you and your wife seek counselling so she can see how this is affecting you and your family and find a way to lead your lives away from these people. Even if it means moving far away.

  3. Ewe has excellent advice. These people are toxic & will only pollute your lives. There’s a book called Toxic Parents: Overcoming Their Hurtful Legacy and Reclaiming Your Life by Dr. Susan Forward ( you can get a used copy for just over $2.00. (I’m reading that right now, too).

    Also, it would be ideal to go to therapy with your wife to discuss these issues about her parents. You can bring your son – since he’s very young, it won’t stick – I did the same thing when my son was an infant.

    Her parents will never change, only she can change how she deals with them and what she is willing to accept.

    It would also be great if you didn’t need to depend on them for $, although I know that’s not always possible. I think the first thing is to go to therapy with her to examine the relationship her parents have with her, you and your grandson. She needs to keep this in mind: guilt is nothing but a cheap manipulation tool deployed to get people to do what you want. That’s it. I learned that with my own mother. Once I did, I stopped feeling guilty, but became angry that she was trying to control me in such a disgusting, degrading way.

    You don’t mention your parents; are they in the picture at all? Are they “normal”? Also note: while she didn’t come from a happy and healthy familial background, there’s no reason why YOU TWO can’t make YOUR family what you want! If you want a happy, healthy, functional family, then you do what you can to make it that way. Many of us come from dysfunctional families, but our own families don’t have to continue with that pattern. We can break that toxic cycle and make our families the way we want to. That’s what DH and I are doing. Our son is not growing up in a family with screaming matches that last days, drinking binges and disappearances from his dad, emotionally unstable and volatile mother, (Dh’s family)… or the guilt, suicide threats, melodrama I grew up with.

    Please keep us posted. I wish you all the very best in making your live with your wife and son as healthy and happy as can be.

  4. I hear you- my future mother in lawe is the most manipulative person I’ve ever met in my life. I’m sorry fo r you.

  5. hi!
    I was wondering if there is actually a law against such monsters?My story is very close to the one in this article,only that it’s y husband’s filthy parents.
    for years there are there intruding,bossing around,cursing me,manipulating my husband ,finally they were told all the facts and imagine-it never go through their dumb heads! i would say the onle way is to move away.but what should I do to make my husband understand and accept the fact that such people NEVER change?any advice on that?
    he believes,he hopes ,he tries to get us together,even though i am telling him its a waste of time,coz his father is a total lunatic and extremelly weird and aggressive,who cirses me in from of people!his mother is a controll freak who cant stop bossing us around.
    so finally they completely crossed the line and now I need some advice on how to completely keep them away from us and our daughter,who cries and gets all stressed by their behaviour towards me?
    I dont want to leave my husband,but i also dont want one bit of this mess around us nomore.
    why such filth exists?

  6. Are we related? I am in a similar situation. Except my issue is with my BIL and his wife. All was well until I had the 1st grandchild followed by the only grandson. Now I am the antichrist. To make things short they have seen to it that we are excluded from family functions, lied about us, caused many problems with others in the family. It’s just been very sad. The ultimate, that I will never forgive them for is how they treat our kids. On the off chance that we do get an invitation (last minute) to a family event they have the nerve to blatently do things to make us wish we had stayed home. For example last year we received a call the day before they were all going apple picking. I tried to refuse but DH keeps trying to extend an olive branch. We went. Big mistake. They took group photo’s with EVERYONE but us when I tried to get in the photo with my kids I was asked to STEP OUT as they only their group in it. It is a picture that they take year after year and they didn’t want us in it as they only wanted to show how everyone has changed over the years.

    I walked away with my kids who now felt like crap because their own blood didn’t want them in the picture. For this I will never forgive them. I know that as of late they are trying to turn the heat up on our marraige hoping that I will break and walk away. We have been together for 21 years and I have no plans of ever leaving, I love my husband very much. But the truth be said, had I known that it would be like this and my children would be treated like something to be scraped off a shoe I would NEVER have gotten married.

  7. Piss'd_off_w_MIL

    Oh trust me, men have it just as bad with the in-laws. My MIL is a power-tripping bxtch and is always monopolizing my wife’s time. It almost feels like I’m still single at times because my wife spends so much time with my MIL!!

  8. I have always felt like I’m the only one with these problems. All of my friends/relatives tell me how bizarre my situation is.

  9. Exactly like my evil in-laws. They are full of crap and caused nothing but chaos!


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