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My In-Laws Are the Spawn of Satan: Chapter 2 “Passive-Aggressive Shaming”


I am punishing myself too that I taught you that everything is about XYZ.  You have a father and mother as well.  I cannot tell you how embarrassed I am that my child cannot come to a family wedding for 24 hours. Yes, I know school starts 10 days later and of course you will be away from XYZ for 24 hours.  However, I have never turned you down on any issue and my brother will be very upset the family is not there.  You have to do what you have to do and I am not telling you “no wedding…no rent”.  I am telling you I am ashamed of myself and your father for not teaching you that favors go both ways.  I will help you this month and that is it.

I love you and need you in my life and you can be as angry as you wish……I am not only angry on many issues but feel so let down that I did not teach you that if you are given you must give back.  Teach XYZ PLEASE what I have told you….family comes first and to think ahead, I love you and will let you know how we want to pay the rent this month.


Send me the name and address as to where the rent should go.  I will mail the $ .   I am not ASHAMED OF  you…just some of your decisions.  I was angry about you not wanting to make the time to go and said those foolish words to you………………you know I want you there.  You can come in Sat. Morn and drive  my car up there yourself (We are leaving Fri.)  and then drive back Sunday Morn and go home……24 hours.

I AM NOT ASHAMED OF YOU…..Do not put words in my mouth.  Perhaps you give back but not to me on issues you know damn well are important to me.

I love you

Be well,



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