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“My baaaabeeeee!”

[My MIL] wailed in the bathroom at my wedding reception that she has just loooooost her baaaaaaaaaby…. 

And she rolled her eyes when my husband said he was so proud to be my man at our rehearsal dinner… 

And boy was she angry with me when I didn’t ask my SIL to be a bridesmaid…she told my then-fiance, “if your wife-to-be would have been a big enough person to ask your sister to be a BM, I had convinced her to be a big enough person to say actually say yes.” 

And at my wedding, standing there in my dress, as the Bride, I see her for the first time and say, “MIL, you look beautiful!” And she says, “thank you.” I reach out to hug her, and her hands stay firmly at her sides. 



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  1. When my husband’s youngest brother got married the bride’s mother overheard my MIL say that their wedding was like a funeral because she was still losing her son no matter what.

  2. Hope you don’t live near your in-laws. If you live far away from them, the separation will definitely help what little relationship you have with the witch. Best of luck to you.

  3. That was so rude of your MIL – and so petty! You are by far the better person for having tried to reach out and be warm and friendly. I’m sorry that happened to you. I’ve experienced cold, rude people so much in my life, and it’s enough to make us all just frigid. I swear if I get married again, it’s going to be to an orphan who has no siblings/aunts or uncles.


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