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If this was purely MY blog and MY stories about my in-laws, I would just suck it up when commenters didn’t necessary agree with my frustration with my in-laws.

However, this not just MY blog; it is all of the daughters-(or brothers)-in-law who deal with in-laws. They come here to share their stories because they need a place to vent. I make no judgements. I hope I have made this a safe haven. Part of this haven is having a very stringent comment policy. You can offer suggestions. You can offer advice. You can commiserate. However, criticism of the author will not be tolerated. If you’re not sure what I mean, here are three comments that I recently deleted from the blog:

1) Oh honey, the problem here is with you, not them.  Try reading what you wrote and pretending someone was talking about you.

2) me thinks that you are a twee bit selfish here mama.  You need to do some self analysis.

 3) The author of the post has failed to set boundaries and lay down expectations with HER own family; it’s her responsibility, not her husband’s, to speak up.  She knows that her family is driving her husband -and her!- nuts, so she needs to step up and say something.  Not just let things continue the way they are.  She just doesn’t want to be the “Bad Guy” in her family by telling them that things need to change, so she’s sitting back watching her family mnmembers [sic] push her family around schedule and time-wise, and torture her kid (as she puts it).  She needs to grow a spine and change the game.

I don’t want to alienate commenters, but my loyalty lies with the authors of these stories. Your attention to my commenting policy in the future will be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Amen and well said!


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