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Can You Hear Me Now?

My MIL is in the nursing home recovering from orthopaedic surgery. Her room has absolutely no amenities, so Husband brought her TV from home and hooked it up. We replaced our old cell phone we kept at home for emergencies with a newer, easier to use cell phone and loaned it to her. We just got the bill for the upgrade.

When Husband and I went in to update our phones this week, we were a bit upset to find out that the phone we had just replaced a month ago wouldn’t work on the new plan. But we sucked it up and got yet another phone, which is very similar to the one MIL already had.

She was fine with it.

But then my SIL1, who was visiting from out of state, decided to mess with the phone by creating shortcuts, and filing numbers under odd names, plus she forgot to include the area codes of “local” numbers since “her plan” doesn’t require that. MIL calls Husband, upset because she can’t work the phone. Husband calls SIL2 and asks what happened, then SIL1 calls US back and tells us it’s our fault in the first place for getting her a new phone. “Why did you have to change plans?! *I* didn’t have to change plans! It’s all YOUR fault! You fix it!” (I’m paraphrasing.)

Husband calls  SIL2 and asks what the heck is up SIL1’s SIL1’s butt, and starts to tell her how SIL1 messed with the phone, but SIL2 interrupts and said that SIL1 didn’t do ANYTHING to that phone…and why did you have to get a new phone anyway…?? Broken record…

I told my husband if I hear one more damn word about that phone, I will tell the daughters (SIL1 and SIL2) they can go out and get their mom a phone of THEIR choosing, and that they should be grateful that we are loaning MIL the phone we normally keep at home for my mom when she comes to visit the kids in case of an emergency …AND that WE paid for – twice – and are paying the monthly usage for!


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  1. How do I send in a story? I’m having an awesome time with my crazy MIL.


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