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Why Not Just Say, “Not Tonight, I Have To Wash My Hair.”

I have two sisters-in-law. One (Betsy) lives several states away and just got into town this morning. The other (Bat), lives in the same town as we do.

Betsy had stopped over at our house and as the afternoon progressed, we started making plans for supper. How about some pizza? Sounds good! So my husband and Betsy head out to pick up the pizzas as well as a couple of other things. While on their errands, they call Bat to find out what they are doing for supper. Bat doesn’t have any plans and before the pizza idea is shared, Bat suggests going to a nearby ‘burb to get a burger.

Betsy interrupts to tell her that she and her brother (my husband) are on their way to pick up some pizzas and bring them over to our house.

“Oh,” Bat says. “You know, I’ve got laundry to do and a bunch of things I need to get ready during this upcoming week. I’ll pass this time.”

So, she was fine taking a trip to another town and sitting in a crappy bar to eat a burger, but the idea of coming over to our house is too distasteful of a thought to her? Even worse is that she actually thinks I’m too oblivious to realize it.


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