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Crazy Cat People

When we moved, our FIL and MIL agreed to take our kitty to live with them because my allergies were getting so bad. They adore her, but in the past few years their health has been failing. With that, they aren’t as physically able to get into the basement to change the kitty litter as often as they should (our cat joined their cat, so there’s actually two).

Since they can’t change the cat boxes as often, the cats have started pooping elsewhere. One SIL came over and her “solution” was to add a third cat box. Which they can’t change either!

My BIL came to visit from out-of-state and he and his wife locked the cats in a small dark room in the basement for three days, “TO TEACH THEM A LESSON!”

Another SIL called my husband to tell him to come over…to change the kitty litter! She was right-fucking-there!



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