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Who’s Fooling Who?

Oh I know we have all said it before. I have been on this site today and read a ton of posts. I have laughed so hard and been angry at the nerve of some of these people!  I am so glad to have found a place like this tho!  Glad that it isn’t just me! 

I have been married to my DH for 5 years, been together 9. We have 2 children. His parents are the most vile, awful people that i have ever met in my life!  I wish I could narrow it down to a single event but that is impossible so i am just going to vent here. Hope that is okay! 

My MIL and Step FIL AND FIL are all alcoholics. I have the most issues out of my MIL tho. This lady has severe issues. She has hated me since the very first day that I stepped into her son’s life, even tho at that time she was smoking crack!  She is continually cheating on her husband and drinking, smoking, doing drugs. All while going to church, somehow fooling the ENTIRE congregation, most of her extended family and herself!  It disgusts me to get phone calls at 3 a.m. from her trashed out of her mind, telling me that I am the devil and she is praying for me!  She has gotten a DUI with my kids in the car!  She wants to rule every single aspect of my life with my DH. She has somehow managed to convince her family that there is something wrong with me, because all they ever see is me exploding on her, not visa versa. 

She does stupid shit, like post things on my FB, then delete them, so people only see my ugly responses and the whole family teams up on me!  it is beyond insane!!! I with a passion wish this woman to fall off of the face of the earth and never return!!  Just earlier today I received an email from her that tells me how I should be in a mental institution and how dare I keep her son away from her, and her grandchildren!  I’m like lady, you are the biggest hypocrite psycho that I know and you are ruining my life and sending me down the path to insanity!!  GO AWAY!




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  1. Erm, is it possible to cut this toxic woman out of your life? She mentions that you keep her son away from her… Does DH also avoid her? If you are both on the same page, that’s a huge plus. I would avoid her, ignore her. When impossible to avoid, she needs to be told that her behavior is not okay with you and your family – but it needs to come from DH.

    If you and DH are NOT on the same page, I would still avoid her as much as possible, but be civil and polite. Do NOT respond to her insane ranting on facebook or in real life – trying to be rational with someone who is clearly irrational is irrational. There’s no point, no matter how much you want to try. Please trust me on this. I’ve already learned this. Don’t waste your effort, energy, time, etc. Really. Save your sanity! 🙂

    Hang in there. I’m praying for you, too (but not because I think you’re the devil!!! LMAO!!!)

  2. Jillian Schiavoni

    Do not engage the woman. I know, that’s hard. Allow her to set herself up on FB. Then she will look like the psycho that she is.

    Most importantly, DO NOT ALLOW your children to ride in a car with her. I can’t believe a DUI with the kids in the car didn’t send her to jail. In the state of CT you would be arrest for child indangerment which is a felony. How did shew get out of that? Wasn’t it in the paper for her church going friends?

    When she calls at 3 am, record the calls and play them on u tube. This woman is her own worst enemy. Just give her rope and she will hang herself.

  3. hello there. so glad I found you. I’m starting to blog about my in laws as well. im quite sure it will make me feel better – to reach out to others with the same freaking insane problem.

    • I came back so I could read more of your story. I have cut my husband’s mother completely out of my life. I wrote her a no contact statement and told her to never call me or write to me again. I told her that it is up to her and her son to work on their relationship — without me! Also, definitely block her on FB!! I had to do that with his entire family very soon after we married. She was stalking my FB and then calling compulsively when she didn’t get enough attention from me. She’s NUTS. Her daughters have bullied and ganged up on me as well. They are NUTS, too!!

  4. 1. Block her from facebook.

    2. Never, ever allow your children to be alone with her.

    3 PREFERABLY, cut her out of your life. Children do not NNNNEEEEEDDDD their grandparents and I can guarantee that she is badmouthing you to your children.

    • Laura, the voice of sanity, you strike again. Well said, and all I can add is, voice record the 3am phone calls for future use.


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