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Strike (the MIL) While the Iron Is Hot

My in-laws, without asking if my husband and I had other plans or not, booked and paid for flights and a hotel for their son only to join them on a holiday.

The night before their flight, they insisted that he and I come over for dinner and because he had left some clothes there that they think he should bring.

When we arrived I find that he had not left any clothes there at all and MIL began going through his bag to see what he had packed. 

MIL: “Why are you sending my son with his bag packed like this?”

Me: “He packed his own bag, what’s wrong with it?”

MIL: “Look at it, his shirts aren’t ironed”

Me: “They’re T-Shirts, why would you iron a T-Shirt?”

MIL: “I can’t believe you’d send him like this, what if someone I know sees him?”

Me: “I don’t iron T-shirts, he doesn’t ask me to. But if he did I would laugh and tell him to do it himself”

MIL: “I’m surprised you even bothered to WASH his clothes for him, or did he have to do that himself too?”

MIL then emptied out his bag, placed a towel on the table opposite where I was eating my dinner and ironed every single T-shirt in his bag, as well as his pajamas  and re-ironed anything that I had obviously already ironed.
She actually carried on so much that night that I started thinking that most people may actually regularly iron their T-shirts. I asked all of my friends if they had ever met anyone who ironed T-shirts and not one of them had. 

I am so glad I was not asked to join them on that holiday. I am sorry if she is jealous that her son now lives with me, but she does not need to try to make me or him feel that I am not looking after him well enough. 

She also comes in to where he and I work together to drop off hot cooked meals for him to replace the meals that I prepare and pack for him daily. She asks what I made him, and it’s not as boring as plain sandwiches but obviously not a cooked meal because I work and don’t have time for that, and says “oh, good thing I brought this”- that’s just rude. And you know what?Ffrom those meals you can tell why her husband and other kids are so obese!

(In laws are crazy!! I am so glad I have found your site, to know that I am not the only one dealing with the crazy all the time. It’s not something you can talk about with most people!)


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  1. omg, that’s so rude! did she iron his socks too?? V_V
    doesn’t your husband say anything to her? wy does he takes the meals she brings?

  2. WTF??! What a nightmare psycho witch. (Although I do actually iron T-shirts but I would NEVER expect anyone else to do it.) She should be glad your son has a wife that does ANY ironing for him at all.
    I also couldn’t quite believe that they booked flights for just him to join them on holiday? Isn’t that incredibly rude? If my ex-PILs had done something like that I would have been seriously pissed off, even without all the ironing bollocks.

  3. I don’t iron my t-shirts, nor my husbands. Very rarely do I iron, usually I send shirts out to be ironed. My husband does not iron at all, and he’s the one that makes the suggestion to send our shirts out!

    I appreciate my ILs more and more every time I read one of these posts. Whenever I am annoyed by one of the many little things they do that irritate me (in their defense I’m WAY nitpicky), I come here, read these posts and put things into perspective. Thanks! 😉 This is also a fantastic compilation of what NOT to do when I’m a MIL myself!

    To the poster, what is your husband’s view of his mother’s behavior? How does he handle it? Unless you both are on the same page, it will always be a sadly losing battle.

  4. Again, I wouldn’t have gone over there or anywhere near his crazy family. My MIL can’t cook, clean or do laundry properly. But that’s another story. Just stay away from them and be thankful you stayed home while they went on holiday. Think about what a complete nightmare that would have been!!

    A lot of this is tradition. She thinks the wife is supposed to be a mother. Maybe mid-century and before (like, freaking the 1700s), but not in 2010. Wake up lady!

  5. I am more concerned with the fact that she booked a trip without inviting you. If I were you are your husband I would have told my husband that he would have to say no. He does nto have to feel guilty for money they choose to spend without asking him. Crazy!!!

  6. errrmmmmm….your husband is bigger the problem. My husband would never go on a vacation without me.


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