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Let me count the ways…

My inlaws, all of them, drive me insane! They are so not a normal family. My husband comes from a family of eight children, I will give you a short synopsis of each one….
First there is my MIL. She is a total pushover, and I swear she is brainless. Our daughter will never be equal to my SIL’s children, she has no interest in her what so ever. 
The oldest brother is an alcoholic living in a homeless shelter. He wants to live with my husband, my daughter and I. I said no. Absolutely not. Now he bad mouths me and calls me a bitch.
The next in line is the only SIL that I like. Thank God for her.
Next, my BIL and his wife. They live in filth. They their house, around their children, who have no clothes and do not go to school. Nice, right?
Next…My Gay BIL, the only normal one in the family. I love him, dearly.
Oh, my favorite SIL (notice the sarcasm) that back-stabbing, two- faced, horrible person. She takes the cake. Lies. Cheats. Steals. Has a royally bad attitude. She is on the verge of wrecking my marriage. It’s funny to me that she calls everyone white trash–she is the queen of it!
Next are the twins, they party. Have no responsibility what- so- ever.
My husband–he’s not too bright. He doesn’t see any of this behavior. Nor does he do anything productive in our marriage. I WANT OUT!

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  1. Hi..I just came across your page while searching problems with in-laws. We have been married for 11 years. So understand where you are coming from.

    I have a MIL from hell, stuff she has done can’t be typed because my fingers will give out. My hubby has 3 sisters and 1 brother all of which are crazy, thieves, and liars. One of his younger sisters ( 19 at the time) stole money from our 7 year old son!

    My hubby and I are fighting now and it has came down to either our family or his. I can’t do this anymore, life is too short to have to deal with this. Sadly, it looks like his family is gonna win. It seems he has chose them over his own family. I hope things get better for you, try to hang in there..but there’s only so much one DIL can take 🙂


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