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Driving Me Nuts

My FIL believes that garage door openers need to be hidden in the car, not left out in the open. He says that if thieves can see the opener, they will break into the car, try to get the code for the opener and then break into your house.

This is from the same guy who when he went to church, would leave the keys in the car and shift it to neutral. This was supposed to prevent the ruining of the drivetrain in case “some asshole” ran into his car while he was in the church. Supposedly he has stopped doing this.

After the election of Obama to office, he went out and bought himself an insanely expensive, gas-guzzling SUV because he was convinced that once in office, Obama was going to ban all but electric cars. Two years have passed and that SUV has less than 1,500 miles. Yes, that comma is in the right place and no, no zeros are missing. He can’t drive it. It’s too complicated to run and too hard to get in. Did I mention that my FIL will be 90? He shouldn’t even have a driver’s license because he can’t see!

Now he has to come to grips with the realization that since he can’t drive it, he’ll need to sell it. If someone has the kind of money he wants for that ridiculous vehicle, they sure the hell aren’t going to spend it on a “used” car, and he doesn’t get that.


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  1. Your FIL’s delusion regarding the asking price of the car is my favorite kind of delusion. You DON’T have to be the bad guy. Market forces will just do their thing. When FIL says that he wants to sell the car for whatever ridiculous amount of money, you can just nod your head and agree. If some sucker comes along to actually pay the asking price, then great! What a great surprise! If he doesn’t get an offer, then market forces will force him to lower the price if he really wants to sell the car. You don’t have to be the one to tell him that he’s asking too much. Yeah market forces!!

    (BTW, I’m currently going through the same thing with my mother. She wants to sell her dilapidated house for the price of a newly built house because “horse people will want it!” Who these horse people are, I have no idea. And if someone has enough money to own horses, I’m pretty sure they are not interested in a run down fixer-upper with a price tag of over half a million dollars. But whatever, market forces will do their thing.)


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