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10 Random Gems

Ten random gems from MIL:

  1. “Your rules are silly, this is what we do at grandma’s instead”… (not anymore, just fyi, no watching our kid now).
  2. “But you get him (*my kid*) way more often than me”!!!!!!
  3. “Please let SIL watch him” (she’s cut off because among other reasons she threatened to take our child and said she could do so at any time and when we knew it’d be too late).
  4. “You can change his sleep schedule you know” (in response to telling her she needed to put him to sleep when she used to watch him, she kept him up to play instead).
  5. She cried because we missed a visit at her house to attend a viewing for a friend’s son.
  6. “Oh (my kid) you’re my favorite!”  (In front of her husband SFIL, whose son just had a child last month.  There are also two other GC).
  7. When we have confronted her in the past, she giggles like what we called her on is “cute”.
  8. Woke up our child at my step-father’s viewing- RIGHT AFTER being told not to- because she “needed comfort”.  He hadn’t slept all day.
  9. I am a SAHM.  No matter what my kiddo learns or knows, he gets it all from DH, or my kid picks it up naturally.  Never mentions me or any contribution I may make to my child’s life.
  10. Wonder if she’ll ever ask how my c-section went or how I was feeling after?  My kid is almost 21 months old… probably not.

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  1. Or when she tells you how lucky you are that her son is taking you on vacation, when you paid for the vacation!

  2. Or when she brags about the $600 meal they took your BIL and his wife and 4 kids to, and then make you buy your own food when you visit them!


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