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Ironic or Moronic

My FIL has been reaping the rewards of Medicare benefits for the past twenty-five years, ever since he turned 65. He sports a boner for radio celebrities like Beck and Limbaugh, and constantly is quoting the sound bites of those two morons of the things they say in jest, but my FIL thinks they mean it, for example, Rush may say, “Next thing you know, they won’t make any more gas-powered cars.” This leads to ridiculous conversations with his son (my husband): “You better get yourself a new car soon because that ‘Hussein Obama’ is going to ban car companies from making anything but electric cars.”

What does that have to do with the fact he’s got Medicare?

My FIL is currently under hospice care, but his lifetime benefits for hospice care through Medicare has been exhausted so they are now paying out-of-pocket for his continued care. He actually said the reason Medicare won’t pay anymore is because of “Obama Care”…you know, because all those sorry uninsured bastards are stealing his socialized healthcare monies.

How could he not see the irony in that?


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  1. Difference between your FIL and those “sorry uninsured bastards” is that he actually paid into Medicare his entire life, while they contributed nothing. Medicare is not an entitlement, it’s payback for years of paying into a system so shitty that congress doesn’t even participate in it. Really, that’s Cicivs 101, educate yourself.

  2. Medicare’s failure to pay for any more hospice has absolutely nothing to do with Obama and the Affordable Care Act. Their hospice limitation has been in place for many years, prior to Obama. Since the purpose of hospice is end of life, it makes sense there would be a limit on hospice to prevent someone from continuing to receive active treatment instead of pallative care.

    Doing the math, one would estimate that FIL was born in 1922 (2012-25 on medicare – 65 age at which he retired). Medicare wasn’t enacted until 1965, therefore presuming FIL began working at 18 which so many young men did back in 1940, he spent more than half his life actually not paying for medicare and only paid into Medicare from the point he was 43 to age 65. He paid into Medicare for 22 years, but has reaped the FULL benefits of Medicare for 25 years. He didn’t get any kind of prorated benefits, he gets the same benefits I will get (IF Medicare is around by then and no changes are made between now and then) and I will have paid into it more than twice as long (IF I retire at 67 which is when I would receive Social Security benefits, for NOW). Given the current economy, it is likely that many of those “sorry uninsured bastards” have been paying into Medicare and quite probably have funded part of FIL’s treatment. Oh and that shitty coverage Congress won’t take paid for my mom to be in the hospital for 2 days with nothing out of her pocket. She definitely hasn’t “paid into the system” since she didn’t work outside the home most of my life and her benefits are a shitton better than mine if I were to get hospitalized with health insurance through my current employer.

  3. Oh and while we’re at it, you only have to pay into Medicare for 10 years to get full benefits. There’s nothing else I can think of that would give you lifetime benefits with only a 10 year investment. Nothing.


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