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Disenchanted Kingdom

Well, unfortunately, here I am again venting my frustrations that I can’t really talk about to anyone close to me since it’s all in the family.

I’ll start on a positive note: things with my parents have gotten better and we are at least on speaking terms with them and see them a couple of times a year either at home or in Disney, so that’s a plus in my book. I do realize my relationship with them will never be the same again, which does break my heart, but you have to pick yourself up and move on, because otherwise there will always be sour grapes and that’s not fair to my little boy.

So, y’all know about my Job Judgment post a few months ago, well, things have unfortunately taken a turn in another direction. At least the MIL has knocked off the crap about Disney as far as I know, but the repercussions have not turned out so well in my favor.

Since they’ve changed some rules for the cast members down there, I think the MIL talks to my wife about money and all that (the seed) is completely full grown in her head and she basically has formed the same opinion on Disney as a career, as well. It all started back in February where I thought I could just give them my papers and give up the job with hopes that I could easily get it back once we moved down there. However, when I ran into a friend I used to work with down there, he was in a situation that was not one I wanted to be in: he had to resign a year ago because he couldn’t put in his hours and instead of getting his entertainment job back, he’s stuck in a department he doesn’t like (Quick Service Food and Beverage). I know other friends who haven’t been able to get re-hired because of the same reason and then I realized, “uh oh, that could be me in however many years and I don’t want it to be.” So, I backed out of resigning there and continued to put in my hours to keep my job because seriously, this is my dream that I don’t want to lose in any way, shape, or form.

This decision, however, completely backfired on me and my wife has reached a completely new level of resentment, hostility, and even sometimes anger towards me because of me not wanting to lose my dream job. It seriously breaks my heart that she would do that and feel that towards me when I know some of this comes from the MIL. Since she was never supportive of my Disney job in the first place, she was probably overjoyed when I was potentially resigning, but then got a kick in the face when I chose not to. My wife cannot get over the fact that I “said I would resign and not work there anymore” and the past few times we’ve gone, she basically says to me how she has to lie to her mom (the MIL) about us going…one time when we went after we moved out of her house, the MIL yelled at her and said we were wasting money and doing things completely wrong and so on and so forth. But honestly, this behavior is just one that completely breaks my heart and I so badly want to say to her “we are our own family, who gives a flying rat’s ass what your mom thinks of us going to disney? This is our family, the 3 of us, we are the chief ones, NOT HER…just forget about her opinion and what she has to say.” Obviously, the one thing I’ve grown good at since the whole fiasco went down a few months ago is biting my tongue, which I continue to do, but it’s gotten really bruised and I really fear it’s all gonna come crashing down like a ton of bricks real soon. I try talking to her about it and all I ever hear from her is “I have to lie to my mom because you basically backed out of what you said” and after that she usually just silences/distances herself from me for the rest of the day/night. I’ve tried so many times to explain myself, but she just won’t hear any of it, it’s all about me “going back on resigning and blah, blah, blah,” I hear her talking about it to the MIL all the time, which really annoys the crap out of me.

I understand the upset that she has because she had to give up her job when she got pregnant, and I get her point of view, but on the other hand, there are 2 sides to everything.  I gave up my chance to go full time down there as well as the life I led in another state for her when we found out about her pregnancy.  I mean, am I maybe being too selfish in the matter? I just don’t know and it’s really breaking me down inside.

I need opinions and advice in the matter, I just fear that this is all gonna come crashing down and I’m gonna just feel even more alone than I already do.


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  2. Wow. Please ignore the nutty person who posted the first reply.

    Ok, first I think the Mother In Law is overly involved and needs to mind her own business.

    Second. You are NOT going to like this, but, you have a wife and child your dreams are less important than providing food/clothing/shelter. I don’t know what your economic situation is, but you need to sit down with your wife and have a clear, calm discussion about how much money you both need to have the life you want to live. With that number figured out, look at the Disney career you want; does it meet those requirements? If so, go for it and talk to your wife about not letting her mother poison your relationship. If not (and I suspect your wife has come to this conclusion already), then it’s time to man up and move on to a new phase of life. You can always have happy memories of the “World’s Happiest Place” and visit repeatedly, but if you continue to chase your dream at the expense of your wife and child, you will find yourself without either.

    Good luck!


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